On Twitter’s Threat to Suspend Accounts Posting links to Jim Foley Beheading

First off…my deepest condolences to the Foley family. I honestly don’t know how they are standing after what has happened…so sending them Massive Respect and #MuchLuv.

But, to the topic at hand. Twitter has announced they will suspend accounts posting links to the decapitation pictures or videos. The pictures are horrible and I have not allowed myself to see the video. 

I saw the full video of Daniel Pearl being beheaded…back when there was a site named Ogrish,..that posted gory content. It is one of the videos that if I could “glamour” myself to forget it..I would. It was with sound and they literally sawed this man’s head off…while he was conscious, with a knife.

The sadistic, horrible nature of that video haunts me still and reminds me of the fact that we humans, can be the most depraved, most sadistic creature on the planet.

That said…we NEED to see what these monsters in the Middle East are doing..what they are capable of. Now, before Twitter OR Facebook gets high and mighty…we Anons have long been in a battle against Pedophiles posting child porn on Twitter AND Facebook. 

I’ve seen Twitter accounts regularly posting child porn and Twitter does not a damn thing about it, despite numerous complaints. And, in many ways, child porn is WORSE than decapitation pictures IMHO.

I realize that as a private entity, legally,they can ban accounts, suspend accounts, etc…but they should go after people posting animal abuse pictures, child porn if they really are twiddling their thumbs wanting something to do.

Like it or not, Twitter is more than a “social networking site”…for many, it is their primary news source.

So, respectfully, I must disagree with their decision. There ARE troll accounts who do nothing but use the N word, use vile sexual terms, and post the most vile things attacking other Twitter users…and Twitter allows this to continue.

To show fairness, they need to execute an evenhanded approach to going after truly vile accounts who post things JUST for shock value.

I removed a link to an article showing a decapitation picture only because of my respect for the family of Jim Foley, when I heard they wished such pictures not be posted. I would not do ANYTHING to further traumatize these good people that I have such empathy and respect for.

But, the barbarity of what ISIS is doing…child beheadings, filling parks with children’s heads impaled on stakes..child crucifixions…we MUST see what these monsters are really doing to their victims.

To sanitize the timelines as if ISIS is not a group of monsters is to become 1984, where things are shoved into the great Memory Hole.

So, that’s my two bits.



Have they got a damn REPTOID as a Prosecutor in the Show Me State?Prosecuted Axl Rose..something I bet a REPTOID would do ! Robert P. McCulloch…possible Reptoid. RECUSE YOURSELF YOU DAMN REPTOID !

Have they got a damn REPTOID as a Prosecutor in the Show Me State?
Prosecuted Axl Rose..something I bet a REPTOID would do ! Robert P. McCulloch…possible Reptoid. RECUSE YOURSELF YOU DAMN REPTOID !


Ferguson, like many small towns, was a time bomb waiting to explode

Whether you believe in the  witnesses or the  version..a city with 70-76 % black population with a police profile of 94% white, in which the Governor of the state, as an attorney general, filed a lawsuit trying to overturn a court ordered desegregation plan (apparently he was for keeping races apart..ie segregation) was a time bomb waiting to go off.

If you couple the above with a police force that does not live in the city (or at least a substantial percentage does not live in Ferguson) you will understand that all it takes is 6 bullets to change the facade of a peaceful town to reveal the underlying tension between the overall black population (estimates are from 67 to 74 percent of population is black) and the almost completely white police force (94 %…only 3 out of 53 are people of color).

Throw in some military toys like MRAPs, body armor, tear gas, rubber bullets, hot weather, and voila, you have …<drum roll> #Ferguson.

Ferguson is not from Mars…not in the deep South. In many respects, Ferguson is like many other towns in which the complexion of the population went from 99 % white in the 1970s, to around 70% black now.

We are seeing more and more that cops see civilians as the “enemy”…they are acting like an Occupying Force (something I’ve said a long time, and something Jake Tapper said while on the scene in Ferguson). Add on to this, racial prejudices ( 85 percent of the arrests in Ferguson are of black folks) and suddenly, the power keg just needs ONE spark, and riots ensue.

Interestingly enough, it is the police force’s OWN actions during the aftermath of the shooting, that have convinced me they are in “bully mode”. The assault and arrest of many reporters, the bullying treatment, and even the comments of CNN reporters like Jake Tapper, who observed the police acting in such a way as to heighten the tension, and turn a city into a war zone, has spoken volumes. The fact a Governor who himself appears to have some racist tendencies, had to pull out the regular cops and insert the state Highway Patrol, the releasing of the alleged #MikeBrown stealing 49 dollars worth of cigars on the same day they FINALLY disclosed the name of the cop who killed Mike Brown, worked to inflame a situation that HAD calmed down.

It is clear that the police department is trying to manage the image of their officer. The Chief’s comments that Wilson is “charming, quiet” and a “good officer”…while at the same time releasing a video that makes Brown look, thuggish and bullying, if not a criminal, is clearly something that an advocate of Wilson would do. The PD of Ferguson is acting more like his legal counsel, his advocate, his PR firm, than as a public servant.

I don’t know the facts. Wilson may be the best thing since sliced bread. He went through a divorce last year, appears to be balding, and may have a shit load of fears of black folks. But, in the end, no matter what kind of guy Brown was…he did nothing to deserve death (that I know of ). In the end no matter what kind of guy Darren Wilson is, he has on his hands, the metaphorical blood of a young man, 18 yrs old, that will never grow up, never realize whatever potential was his.

Some might say that Mike Brown would have just gone on to commit crimes. We don’t KNOW that. 

We DO know that Ferguson is a dysfunctional town in which the vast majority of people are not adequately represented by those in authority. This is not something Anonymous can fix, not something Jake Tapper can fix, not something the family of Mike Brown OR Darren Wilson can fix. This is something the voters in the town must fix.

The police force MUST reflect the population more. I personally believe that cops who patrol an area should, whenever possible, live in that area. If they don’t, their alienation from the people they contact, grows. The thick blue wall of Us vs Them becomes even more impenetrable, and the fact that they don’t know the population, perhaps they are fearful of the population, makes an ultimate tragedy more probable.

Whatever side you pick…a man is dead….another man caused that death.

If the people of Ferguson are smart, they will use this tragedy as a catalyst for change. The police force need to emphasize “less lethal” means of dealing with those they come in contact with. Whether it is more hand to hand training, use of tasers, two cops 2 a car, or whatever… a scared, perhaps depressed, perhaps angry, white cop, facing a 6’4” angry black man, will result in the cop possibly overacting…pumping bullet after bullet into the black man until he stops moving. This to me, is a failure at several levels.

Without a solution, without cops being trained that the citizens are their employers, NOT their enemy, NOT their vassals, NOT the kid they bullied for lunch money, NOT a “terrorist”, this will happen again.

At the end of the day… its not just the cops who want to go home alive and safe, citizens, for the most part, do as well.


Why not Tasers instead of Glocks in situations like #Ferguson

I admit that I have NEVER been a fan of Tasers. One reason is that there have been several cases of people killed from being tased. That said, if the choice is a Glock 9mm OR a Taser…I pick a taser. Tasers are effective in disabling violent aggressors..IN GENERAL. There ARE cases in which guys who were really amped on adrenaline, Special K, or other substances, were hit with multiple Tasers, pulled the barbs out, and kept on going. 

Whether or not a Taser would have been an option depends on the story you believe. In close quarters, in real time, if Mike Brown DID have his hands on Wilson’s firearm, there might not have been time to whip out the Taser. BUT, if one believes the version, the testimony of about three witnesses, where Mike was a distance away from Wilson, then a Taser would have been a proper weapon.

But, interestingly, Taser DOES have a product that would have been useful, whatever the situation, and that is their new body camera. The fact that the police cars didn’t even have dash cams, that the officers didn’t have body cams, opens the situation to speculation, he said she said, and introduces doubt.

Taser International has been very astute to get into the body camera business because, it is certainly the direction that policing is going AND, has none of the serious liabilities that their TASER weapon has (they have been sued for injuries, even deaths sustained by people shot by tasers).

The Taser weapon acts on the nervous system, trying to temporarily (and hopefully safely and without permanent damage) disable a belligerent.
It is particularly useful on very large, strong, aggressive people with whom hand to hand control techniques may be difficult for a smaller male, or female officer, to apply successfully.

It is hard to argue with this video=>

Brothas from another Mutha. Darren and George&#8230;When Black Teen Males Make them Feel Scared, Those Teens Get Killed.

Brothas from another Mutha. Darren and George…When Black Teen Males Make them Feel Scared, Those Teens Get Killed.

What the HELL do your MEAN&#8230;that there&#8217;s no donuts&#160;?

What the HELL do your MEAN…that there’s no donuts ?

Justice should be color blind

I don’t care if Mike Brown was black..green..purple..or if he was a thug or nice guy. If you raise your hands indicating you give up..only the most cowardly of cops would pump him with six bullets including one through the top of his head, the ONLY bullet wound he could not survive because it went through his brain. I am sure Mike was no angel…he may have even been a bully…but if his worst crime in life was stealing 49 dollars of cigars (and even THAT was not proven, and NOT something he was stopped for) then, compared to CEOs ripping off people, evicting 90 year old widows from their homes, Big Pharma execs charging sick people 1000 dollars PER PILL, then compared to THESE assholes, he was a saint.

One of #DarrenWilson’s “Friends” said he was afraid of Mike Brown. Mike was allegedly 6’4”. I’ve been involved in martial arts as a student when young, and later as a teacher. I’ve taught people 6’6”, taught military people, children, women, security guards, and yes, cops. If you enter into police work, you have to realize you are NOT just dealing with a 4’11, 95 pound, meek school teacher. And, if you are scared of someone …is the training of Ferguson cops in the area of the continuum of force SO POOR that they go straight from uniform and command voice to pumping out 6 shells from a distance into a teenager. I’ve seen a picture of #DarrenWilson, a 28 yr old, 6 year veteran of the force. He is pale…looks like the stereotype wallflower, and yeah, maybe he WAS afraid of Mike Brown, maybe Wilson is afraid of his own shadow…but if so…he shouldn’t be a beat cop.

Arguably, if he had been on the force THAT long, he should have been aware that there are MANY steps on the continuum of force between uniform and command voice, til popping a cap with your Glock. That last act is the very LAST choice…that’s the last trick in your utility belt.

There are TASERS, there are PR-24 batons, there is hand to hand combat with joint locking and control techniques…there is MACE…hell, there are lots of tricks short of spraying someone’s brains on the street.

I’m an Anon in Texas. I was not there…so, all I know is second and third hand. But, that said, I’ve seen the way network, well dressed reporters like Don Lemon are treated ON CAMERA by cops…and reporters for the Washington Post and Huffington Post, who were assaulted by cops prior to being arrested on bogus reasons.

And, why the hell aren’t there dashcams in the PoPoMobiles in Ferguson?
Is it because they don’t WANT the videos subpoenaed when they beat someone or shoot someone ?

After 5 shots, Wilson had probably lessened the probability that Mike Brown was going to pose a credible threat. Why the sixth shot to the head? Apparently, the outcome of the autopsy by Michael Baden says there WAS NO STRUGGLE…and a struggle is key to Darren Wilson’s side  of the event. There were no powder burns on Mike’s upper extremities, and honestly, the number of shots to Mike’s right arm, indicates to me he probably DID have his arms up, partially shielding his face and head and that once his arms, full of lead dropped a little, it allowed the “head shot”…the characteristic shot by Mafia enforcers.

I think Mike Brown was murdered. I think once Darren Wilson shot him…he was afraid if he didn’t finish him off..either Darren might come after him, OR he wanted to make sure Mike never testified about what happened.

My heart goes out to Mike’s parents. They lost their eighteen year old child..whether he was an angel or a thug, they loved him, and I know what its like to lose a loved one. No court, no award, nothing brings healing to that loss.

So, tonight, I grieve with and for those that Mike left behind…those who loved him. I humbly ask those in the streets NOT to loot, not to throw Molotov cocktails. I ask that they channel that anger into actually changing things. For goodness sake, vote the assholes out who seem to want to keep their thumb on you. The cop said he stopped Mike Brown for walking in the street…a crime known as “WWB”…or walking while black. The majority of voters in Ferguson are black. Only 3 cops are non-white out of 53. Don’t forget Mike Brown. Change things in his honor, in his memory.

Fight the ruling overlords in every legal way possible. Do Mike’s memory proud. Make this be a turning point for every young person there, whether they are black, brown, red, white, male, female, gay, straight…make Ferguson a new town..a town where children of all colors, religions, sexual preferences, are treated equality. Vote in people that will put decent cops in place, cops who live in the community they patrol…not cops living near St. Louis.

Bring CHANGE to Ferguson, and do it in the name of Mike Brown.

Light the night, don’t burn your neighbor’s store down.

Peace and Love.


No..that can&#8217;t be the right spelling because then it would be pronounced &#8220;IN-DICK-TED&#8221;

No..that can’t be the right spelling because then it would be pronounced “IN-DICK-TED”

Did I mention I have an &#8220;Evil Twin&#8221;?

Did I mention I have an “Evil Twin”?

"Tactical", NOT "Military"&#8230;Police Chief in Ferguson describing nature of his men. Well, here&#8217;s a picture of one of them&#8230;YOU DECIDE :)

"Tactical", NOT "Military"…Police Chief in Ferguson describing nature of his men. Well, here’s a picture of one of them…YOU DECIDE :)

The relationship between Cops and the Public is the ONLY one I know in which an employee can beat, brutalize, or murder their employer, the employee claim it was justified, and a court find no punishment should follow that act of violence. `Anon99

The relationship between Cops and the Public is the ONLY one I know in which an employee can beat, brutalize, or murder their employer, the employee claim it was justified, and a court find no punishment should follow that act of violence. `Anon99


Saw an idiot the other day, claiming that black people are just more violent, and using the fact that so many black men are incarcerated as his “proof” of this. “It’s nothing to do with racism- look how many of them are in prison!” Never mind the idea that predominantly white male judges put them…