When Veterans and their Therapeutic Pet Ducks are threatened…we the people need to stand in solidarity with them


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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ohio —An Army veteran who hurt his back during the Iraq War is worried a citation will result in him losing his 14 pet ducks, which he says are therapeutic.

Darin Welker said officials in the village of West Lafayette told him to get rid of the ducks in May and cited him for a minor misdemeanor on June 23 for failing to comply. Walker is scheduled to appear in Coshocton Municipal Court for a hearing Wednesday and could face a $150 fine.

Welker, 36, says the ducks help him with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder and keep him more active.

West Lafayette, about 80 miles east of Columbus, banned residents from keeping fowl and other farm animals in 2010.

Mayor Jack Patterson declined to comment on Welker’s predicament and referred questions to village police Chief Terry Mardis, who couldn’t be reached for comment.

Welker told the Coshocton Tribune that he’s had the ducks since March. He said they motivate him to get out of the house so he can feed and clean up after them.

"They’re quite a relaxing animal, and they help comfort me in different situations," Welker recently told the Tribune as he held one duck like a baby and stroked its neck. "(Watching them) keeps you entertained for hours at a time."

Welker served a year in Iraq with the Army National Guard in 2005 and said he came home with a major back injury that required surgery in 2012.

The Department of Veterans Affairs paid for the back surgery but declined to pay for physical therapy recommended by his surgeon and did not provide him with counseling, he said. That’s partly why he has come to rely on the ducks, he said.

Welker said he’s planning to tell the judge how much the ducks have helped him. He said he has a letter from the VA’s mental health department recommending he be allowed to keep them.

Perry thought he was too good to shake hands with Obama on the Tarmac. Hmm..lets look closer

Boiling the Frog

If you drop a frog into very hot water, I hear it will jump out..but you can put a frog into cool or tepid water, and steadily increase the heat until you boil it alive (I’ve heard this..its a horrible thing, but a useful analogy).

Incrementalism..slowly making almost imperceptible changes, can get people to a point they would not tolerate if you went from an acceptable state to a totally outrageous state in a quick transition.

We, citizens of the USA, are being incrementally subjected to the kinds of things that would never have been tolerated 40 years ago.

We have been made aware that everything we do or say is being recorded (some disagree, but I believe most of what we are doing is recorded in one fashion or another)…we’ve seen First Amendment sometimes reduced to a roped off area called a “Free Speech Zone”…we’ve seen our Fourth Amendment rights violated with increased frequency and increasing outrageous blatancy. This goes from our emails being recorded and read, to our phone usage being monitored, to even the CIA claiming they will listen to us through our “smart appliances”. There are LED street lights that can record video and audio of you, there are license plates scanners recording your travel, and the list goes on.

The media and government has shoved police brutality in our face, from Rodney King to the latest, a black, homeless great grandmother, being beaten in the face on the side of the road by a muscled up CHP who appears to be suffering from Roid Rage.

We are now “used to” gas at $3.50 a gallon…and inflation that is breaking us. One cannot hardly go to the grocery store and come out with a bag of groceries under a hundred dollars. There are medications that are costing ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS a pill…and a short stay in the hospital can cost as much as a small home.

There is an ongoing procedure carried out by the media and government to make you feel afraid, make you feel helpless, and to paint things in a most hopeless manner.

The subtle, but clear message is this. You, Average law abiding American, are at the mercy of everything with nothing you can say or do about it.
Whether it is brutal treatment at the hands of cops, or groceries which you  need to float a loan almost to pay for…everywhere you look, the message is simple..and that message is “We are fucking you over and you can’t do a thing about it.”

This is NOT just me saying this. I talk to many people on and offline and there is this general feeling that we are being squeezed, and have no way of escaping it.

This DOES have an effect …both physiologically and culturally. Physiologically, cortisol gets jacked up due to stress, and we know cortisol tends to depress immune function. Its no secret that most Americans have chronic health problems, and in fact, most Americans are being medicated daily. Its also no secret that diabetes, COPD, cancer, and other conditions in which, to some extent, there is an auto-immune response that has the body attacking itself like Rheumatoid arthritis, SLE (Lupus), and many others. We are living longer…BUT, we are living less healthy…in a chronic, sub-acute illness state…meaning, too sick to be healthy, but not sick enough to be hospitalized…so we trudge on, working…but feeling dead tired and depressed. We are on a treadmill…but one in which the lash is being applied to our backs as we stumble forward.

Culturally, we see a black, homeless, shoeless, great grandmother being beaten in the face and head, on the side of the road..and we do nothing.
We see females being cavity searched (as happened twice here in Texas)
in public, on the side of the road..and we do nothing. We get fondled, x-rayed, have our belongings searched…for the “privilege” of flying…and we do nothing.

Soon, we won’t even have the ability to drive…as driverless robot cars will become the standard.

And yet…seeing all this…we do nothing.

The heat increases…slowly. The pressure…increases…slowly…until,one day, you realize you are boiling…and by then, its too late.


If a regular citizen was seen in public, punching a great grandmother in the face near the freeway, he would be arrested, awaiting arraignment, and his name and address would be in the papers. When did these “public servants” get to be “above the law”. The evidence of assault and battery seems clear to anyone who watched this..and the events that immediately preceded it.

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CHP Protecting and Serving You to Death…One Punch at a Time

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(Clip used under Fair Use claim) I think this attitude in the Govt , ie that “we” can’t handle the truth, is paternalistic, condescending, and used to support their various agendas and keep the black projects money flowing to military-industrial complex, big banksters, and big Pharma.

Dont Need No Doctor / Steve Marriott and Humble Pie…it doesnt get no better than that. RIP Stevie. Miss ya Brother !

Sinners Prayer. Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa make a great combination on so many songs, none the least of these is this smoking hot tune which Beth really rocks.

SMOKING HOT torch song sung by Beth Hart with Joe Bonamassa on lead guitar and Blondie Chaplin on rhythm guitar. New standard of sexy songs.










by Natural Bridge - Photograph at 

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Knight’s Castle in the Moonlight, 1817 by Karl Friedrich Hampe (German, 1772—1848)


Knight’s Castle in the Moonlight, 1817 by Karl Friedrich Hampe (German, 1772—1848)


(via 500px / A Mother’s Love by Troy Marcy)

(via 500px / Portrait of a king by Richard Langford)

Asking around for you…Love this version by Joe Bonamassa.

I put it in the same category as Eric Clapton’s tune about Heaven.

It’s great…grabs me in my soul and makes me FEEL the experience.