So.. UK Agriculture Minister refuses 2 accept petition with 80,000 signatures..hmmm

Here is the petition 80,000 have signed but Ag Minister Gerry Ritz has REFUSED to accept in person…hmmm..there are OTHER ways of getting it before his eyes…shall we be creative in our delivery?
Here’s this asshole’s EMAIL =>

Let’s send it to him..shall we ?



Dear Minister Ritz, 

I was horrified to see undercover video footage exposing brutal animal abuse in Canada’s livestock transportation sector. The video shows animals overcrowded in transport trucks without protection from extreme weather or access to food and water; “downed” pigs who are so sick or injured they are unable to walk being painfully shocked with electric prods; workers using bolt cutters to break the tusks of male pigs without any painkillers; and animals who died during transport. Perhaps most shocking is the fact that all of this takes place under the watch of government inspectors. 

For at least eight years, your ministry has been promising to update Canada’s shamefully outdated transport regulations, but has continued to delay and drag its feet while millions of animals suffer and die. Canada’s outdated livestock transport regulations are the weakest in the Western world. We lag behind the European Union, Australia, New Zealand and the United States, and allow animals to suffer miserably in overcrowded trucks bound for slaughterhouses. Each year in Canada, more than 8 million farmed animals arrive at slaughterhouses dead or so sick or injured that they must be killed. 

The time for action is now. You have the authority and the responsibility to protect farmed animals from flagrant abuse and neglect during transport. 

I urge your department to modernize Canada’s animal transport regulations, including requiring food, water, and rest for animals at least every eight hours, and prohibiting the breaking of boars’ tusks. Not only do Canada’s woefully lacking transport regulations need to be updated, they need to be enforced with meaningful penalties. 

As a civilized society it’s our moral obligation to prevent cruelty to all animals, including farmed animals. It’s time that Canada updated its transport regulations to, at the very least, be in line with the rest of the Western world. 


[Your Name]

It is reported that Eric Lund, 49 years old, a sergeant of the California Highway Patrol has been arrested for downloading and sharing child porn on and off the job. He faces over 20 charges.  When arrested, he had a portable external hard drive in his personal vehicle with child porn videos on it.

It is reported that Eric Lund, 49 years old, a sergeant of the California Highway Patrol has been arrested for downloading and sharing child porn on and off the job. He faces over 20 charges.  When arrested, he had a portable external hard drive in his personal vehicle with child porn videos on it.

If it bleeds, it leads….

The old maxim for corporate media on what takes headline precedence is “if it bleeds it leads”. So, what better to capture and hold media’s attention than a disease in which you bleed from every orifice, that has found its way to our shores?

But, there is a lot of bleeding both real and virtual going on that they don’t want to talk about. The poor folks are hemorrhaging money via taxes and inflationary prices on goods and services, that the flow has one direction ultimately, out of the hands of the poor and into the bank accounts of the uber rich.

The “middle class” has all but disappeared as the gap between the “haves” and “have nots” has widened. The CEO of Walmart makes more sitting on his ass before lunch, than Walmart associates who get up early,put on their branded vest, and go to work every day …make all YEAR.  Same is true of most companies…the CEO is like the queen bee that all the workers bust their ass for…they must live in opulence and luxury no matter how much suffering the workers go through to make that possible.

Warren Zevon sang a song “Don’t Let Us Get Sick”…and that is especially true now. The “Affordable Care Act” was NOT “affordable” to me and my wife, nor to our neighbors, a 20 something couple, nor to folks I talk to on the street. 40 percent of the folks without insurance who actually see a doctor, dont get their prescriptions filled because they cannot afford the medicine. Instead of pushing for “single payer”, the Government in essence let the fat cats in the insurance industry dictate the terms of the ACA (also called “Obamacare”).

If you vote for a rich politician of either major party, who do you think they REALLY do the bidding of behind the scenes. Its the people who contributed huge amounts of money to their campaigns, and the other uber rich. We are hemorrhaging money at an alarming rate to the pockets of the people who run Big Financial Institutions, Big Pharma, etc. and to the “Military-Industrial complex” that President Eisenhower warned us about during his farewell address to the nation.

Just ONE ship, the USS Gerald Ford, with actual building costs plus research and development, cost 17.5 BILLION DOLLARS !

And don’t look to congress for help. Over half of them are millionaires, such that Time called them a “millionaires club”. Congress Is Now Mostly A Millionaires’ Club

If over half of congress were plumbers, who do you think would get favored in legislation ? So, with over half being millionaires, who gets “most favored status” with Congress? 

And, there is actual bleeding. Men like Kelly Thomas, James Boyd, and Michael Brown who made the fatal mistake of being homeless, black, or often, both, are left bleeding in the streets by cops who would never DARE do that to a rich kid driving a Porsche.

During my trip yesterday, we went down the back roads instead of the freeway, allowing me to see house after house with their meager items laid out on large blankets and a sign “Garage Sale”…trying to sell their items to get some money for food, clothes, or possibly just to try to pay the rent to avoid the ever increasing roles of the homeless. 

As the Tale of Two Cities starts out… “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”

Some have called America the “Land of Plenty”…for the rich, there’s plenty of food, nice houses, cars, never worrying about how to pay the rent, how to buy food, or what to do if they get sick. For the poor, it’s a Land of Plenty of Misery, Worry, Anger, Fear, and yes, Desperation and Depression. Its no wonder that Military Vets are killing themselves at the rate of about one every hour, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In fact, suicide rates in the USA are at a 25 year High Americans are living longer, but suicides are at a 25 year high.

And, its not just for the USA as a whole that suicides are alarmingly high.

In Minnestoa we find alarming suicide rates. 

"State searches for solutions to alarming rise in suicides" 

But, perhaps we can blame suicides on good weather..right? See this Sunny skies tied to suicide rates

No my friend, it’s not good weather that drives people to killing themselves, its fear, homelessness, desperation…not clouds, blue sky and bird chirping.

We are headed down…spiraling toward the drain. People are losing homes, losing health, losing jobs, losing faith in their government (if their naivete allowed it to begin with)…but, when do they lose patience and stop electing friggin’ millionaires whose allegiance is to other millionaires?

I talk to person after person who cannot afford basically to live…can’t afford rent, can’t afford a doctor, can’t afford things that in the past, they easily afforded.

And now, after an employee embezzled our funds, lied about monies we were depending on to save our business, this is not an academic exercise in communication…we are there as well.

Ask  not for whom the bell tolls…it tolls for thee.

I cannot hope to be more eloquent than Charles Dickens who artfully commented on a time that is best for rich, worst for the poor…

From A Tale of Two Cities (or Two Americas, the Rich and Poor I would add)
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.”


Just got home…

Well, it’s been a long day, and my wife and I just got home. Ultimately, we had to move it all by ourselves today. One good thing about having in-laws who are country folk is access to things like additional pickup trucks and long, wide, flatbed trailers. My wife is a real trooper…she can drive just about any kind of vehicle, and she was pulling the trailer…I’ve always said if a vehicle has wheels, my wife can drive it.

Not anything earthshaking to share…it’s been a long, trying week…and like I’ve said before, it has felt alternately like a rape of the spirit, and dealing with a death…it’s the only way I can relate it. There was the violation of having every dollar you had put in a business stolen by a crook you employed and were a good boss to…that was the violation part, and watching a business that you put thousands of dollars into, go into the grave before your eyes….nine years of hard work gone.

Am too tired right now to type much…it would end up with typos and sound like gibberish.

Thank you for reading this…thank you for caring, and thank you for your support. You will never know how important your ongoing support is to us, nor how much we deeply appreciate it, and YOU.


~Anon99 and Mrs Anon99

Where do you see view all tweets ? I looked at sublist off each one

Where do you see view all tweets ? I looked at sublist off each one

Yesterday, for the first time, I felt like a victim…

Most of this past week, been driving an hour from home at my office, trying to get 3000 sq feet of equipment shoved into a 10 X 20 storage space. Last night, had worked all day and was dead tired. My wife worked all day at her job and when she got off, drove an hour to get to my office to help.

On my way from the house, happened upon a guy with a crew cut chasing a beautiful husky dog. He seemed to actually be the owner, but the dog was running away from him. I pulled over, asked if he needed my help, he said he might….gunned his truck to get ahead of the dog, pulled off the road and I pull off parallel 2 him in my truck to trap the canine. At one point, the dog started coming to me…but the other guy hollered & the dog ran again. Long story short, we got the dog in his car. When he was trying to trap the dog, he GUNNED his truck to get ahead of the dog…while going through a school zone. The only people around here that would do it are the cops…so I figured out what he was. When he closed the door, walked around the truck , briefly looked at me…I smiled and gave the thumbs up…he muttered “Yeah” or “Thanks” grudgingly, and powered off. I felt sorry teh dog had to hang out with him.

In my 61 years, I never thought of myself as a victim. Sure, been ripped off, stolen from, exploited, screwed financially by biz partners, but never thought of myself as a victim, just a guy who had some bad luck and was too trusting. That said, I’ve always been on the side of victims, taking up their part in a fight whether it was a bully or corporation…and learned the best way of dealing with both in the process.

I always felt a deep sympathy for those who were victimized and without compensation,  have been successful in helping them and winning against the “bad guys”.

So on I went…driving for around an hour to my office to begin again…lugging stuff out, loading it, taking 2 storage, and repeat.

Unfortunately, we were too late with our first trip 2 make a second.

So, we were sitting there on my tailgate at the office, around 10 pm. resting a few minutes, staring out the stars. I mentioned to the wife that I felt like a victim…not just someone that somebody took advantage of…no…these were out and out felonies committed against us…and whether I liked it or not, I was a victim.

Not to minimize the horrible crime of rape…to some extent, I must admit, I did feel raped. We had trusted someone…really our big mistake, and now, I was having to close an office that I had worked 9 yrs to keep going, and leaving an occupation I had done for 25 yrs.

I had great pride in my office…my wife had done a great job with buildout, with decorating, and it took our best year of profits to pay for all those renovations…pretty much taking a year that would have been profitable, and breaking even or even losing money.

It was something I had always wanted…ie to have my own business, to work for myself, and to use kindness and honesty as our operative terms in our business.

So, here it was, we were taking things down to the bare walls.

In retrospect, in the two years this criminal had worked for us, there were signs I should have followed up on, but as my Mother’s physical and mental condition were dropping with her Alzheimers I could only trust what she told me and my wife was true. I admit in retrospect, her lies were outrageous, but she claimed to be related to someone we respect, and if all else fails, he would stand good for any of her mistakes.

Turns out, he didn’t really even know her…even though she was claiming to go on vacation with him and his new wife. Since things started falling apart, I discovered she was not just a liar, but a pathological liar…she lied about things that were of no consequence (didnt help or hurt her).

And, til the very end, she continued lying to us, even when a normal person should have known the jig was up, and that we were questioning her.

Finally, we went to the police to file a complaint. Normally, I handle things by myself, but we wanted to do everything 100 % legally.

The policeman was fairly nice, and seemed to be honestly sorry this happened to us…and I guess that was the birth of me feeling like a victim because he kept saying we were.

We had put every dollar into the office trying to keep it going, based on her assertions that we were getting a 7000 dollar refund for our electricity bill that had been royally screwed for a year…told us our insurance policy that had refused to pay us for our losses, had been sued by a lawyer we knew pro Bono,and on and essence, making us believe that within a couple of weeks, we would have around 60 grand coming in.

When my wife was out of town on a business seminar, she started checking on these things..and one by one…people didnt know what we were talking about. Our business insurance stopped being paid around the time she started work 2 yrs ago…although we weren’t told. You can guess where the premiums went (she said the lawyer who was gonna sue insurance company, had claimed all insurance premiums be paid in cash …sounds weird now)

When one by one, the lies were discovered as lies, we found ourselves in total horror, that no money was coming in to pay the rent that was accumulating ( Our lease isnt up til January, so we had September, October, Nov, and December still left on it..the two months already in arrears because we had no money…around 5 grand there that they are hot on us to pay up).

Not to in ANY way to diminish rape…you know from how I post articles on it..I consider it one of the worst crimes…but in a way, we (wife and I) felt raped…we had everything put in jeopardy because of acts done because we trusted them. 

But, it wasn’t just embezzlement…after we transferred phones back to us…in just three days…we had 6 potential customers wanting to send us business but then it was too late, electricity was turned off,…so going back in my mind, it was evident she actively sabotaged the office because she claimed no customers were called…and when she didn’t know I had transferred phones..she claimed she was still getting junk calls for the office.

I guess the feeling like being raped was that someone you trusted, changed your life forever, for the worse, from menace of forethought…and lied about it.

When you are betrayed this way…it changes you, especially when it takes a work you’ve done 25 years, been self employed for 9 yrs, and for their own greed and criminal reasons, ends it, leaving you with no money, and anxious, wondering how to keep from being thrown on the street.

Also, when you’ve had these kinds of emotional traumas happen in a short  time, things like my cousin having her head blown off not long ago, brother in law totaled his truck in a wreck,and the aches and pains you develop as an older man, no matter how well you try to take care of yourself, along with an employee destroying your business…it takes a  lot on you. From knowing lots of people with PTSD, I think the wife and I are experiencing it, but I think there are MANY out there with PTSD who just haven’t been diagnosed. You feel hopeless… You feel as if you had a close friend who was died…well…was murdered.

If you become a victim, you feel hopeless, beyond help, isolated…and that in and of itself, interferes with the ability to get better or gain the help you need.

If nothing else, this experience helps me understand what it is like to be a victim, and to fight even harder for my brothers and sisters, and fellow animals who are being victimized and exploited.

But, one of the biggest victims in all this is trust. Once you’ve been betrayed , its hard to trust again. But, so it goes.


Advice to Police…

Lets clear the air..I know your job is not easy, but many jobs are not easy.  I know your job is occasionally dangerous, but statistically, there are far MORE dangerous jobs, and they dont get to travel in packs and carry a 9mm Glock to work. I want to be able to respect you, but you often make it impossible. If you’ve followed my twitter posts about police, when I find a positive story, I post it, but there are far, far more many stories of brutality and senseless killings…even murders conducted by police.

But, for arguments sake, let’s say I was your buddy, your pal, your friend and you would take some advice from me. Here’s what I would say.

Generally in life, you get back the kind of things you put out. If you dress like Darth Vader, don’t shocked when someone goes Han Solo on your ass. If you strut around like a high school bully, occasionally putting your hand on your gun in a subliminal threat, and you act like an arrogant asshole…don’t be shocked when people react negatively to you…its a funny thing called human nature. We don’t play well with assholes.

Another thing…dont go murdering people’s pets. Call us crazy, but many of us love them like a family member, and you not only piss off the pet owners, but other animal owners, and just normal humans who care about animal welfare.

And let’s talk about that tactical crap. Cops in the 50s, 60s, 70s, did just fine policing, and didn’t dress like they just came off a Judge Dredd filming. If you were in a battle zone, facing Uzzis, M-14s, Mac-10s, some of that crap might look appropriate, but facing unarmed citizens, students, you just look like scared wusses. You are NOT “in country”, in a war zone. Those people across from you that you are beating, are the same people who pay your inflated salaries.

And this brings me to the next point. When did they change the use of force continuum from command voice, uniform, hand to hand, less lethals like PR-24s and ASPs, and escalated to Tasers,rubber bullets, tear gas and finally, if your life or another citizen’s life is threatened, to lethal force…to just “pull the trigger”…whether it is a trigger of a taser, 12 gauge shot gun, M-4, M-16, Rubber bulletts. or a 9mm Glock.

And, while we are at it, when did fists and feet replace grappling, joint locks, and pain compliance moves. As a former martial arts teacher, your avoidance to join hands with a belligerent suspect says to me you are either untrained or cowardly or extremely weak physically. Watching that CHP in Cali, straddling a homeless woman and beating the hell out of her with his fists in her face, is not “hand to hand control tactics” Do they not teach Aikido, Judo, Chin Na wrist locks any more?

You get back what you put out. You as a group, are putting out arrogance, treating your employees as if they are all your enemy, as if they are the nerd with glasses and you are the school bully trying to take their lunch money.

Look, we all know the Supreme Court held you have no legal duty to protect and serve any citizen. But, that doesn’t mean you are free to rape, murder, intimidate, bully, or harass people just because your buddies in blue back you.

Think about it.


Coming Storm


Can you feel the charge in the air?
Can you smell it? Rain on the wind.
The herald of the storm whispers,
Taunting the leaves, the grass shivers
In fear and anticipation
Of the terrors it soon will face.
Lightning illuminates the sky
Flashing like a cat-o-nine tails,
Demanding complete submission.
Thunder rumbles in the distance,
Mixing into this symphony.
The first raindrop falls like a tear.
Can you feel it? It is coming.

My most serious message for the day…

I communicate with many people daily from around the world… and what I am hearing here in the USA, is people who may have serious illnesses like cancer..who have no insurance, and no money to pay out of pocket. They are extremely depressed…and this is a natural and logical reaction to finding yourself in this situation. The government has spent billions on weapons such as MRAPs, Humvees, ordinance, left it in Iraq for ISIS to waltz in, take from Iraqi soldiers, and use against US.
Also, they are spending like a drunk sailor on things like the USS Gerald Ford, a ship that with R&D and production costs, ran around 17.5 billion dollars. The USA spends more on “defense” (weapons and weapon systems) than the next 10 largest nations COMBINED.

And, via their taxing power, are taking huge chunks from us every payday (for those who are blessed enough to be working) to fund not only this, but the even more enormous amounts of monies spent on so-called “DARK PROJECTS”…meaning, whatever the hell they want to do, they put into dark or black projects, and they do not have to detail and account what they are doing with this money.

The point is, while an obscene spending program is going on…spent on the “War on Drugs”,
"War on Terrorism", with various departments of the government purchasing hundreds of millions of hollow points at a time, hemorrhaging money on the NSA to track, trace, spy on everyone on the internet, every phone, etc., people are friggin’ DYING here in the USA. 

The “salt of the earth” hardworking men and women can no longer afford health insurance, no longer afford their medicines, no longer afford rent (for many), and are falling into the level of depression not seen since the “Great Depression”.

Daily, my friends in confidence share with me how desperate things are…some are having to shut their business down because of a failing economy, many are afraid they have cancer, but cannot afford an MRI to find out for sure.

What the hell kind of country has this become? The “Affordable Healthcare Act” is NOT “affordable” to my family, my neighbors, or many of my friends in the real world and online.
Daily, we see horrible cases of police brutality, while all the time, the DHS is arming small town cops as if ISIS will be showing up at Mayberry tomorrow.

The answer to what is going on is obviously not in control of this country by either Republicans or Democrats. Our slide into a pit of desperation is continuing no matter whether the administration sports a Red or Blue.

I humbly believe that our country is falling down, and if substantive changes are not made, we are doomed. The same characters keep getting shuffled around in government…the same characters who share the same philosophy that says the rich must prosper no matter if it drives the poor and middle class to bankruptcy or even suicide. It’s the same group that promotes the “too big to fail / too big to jail ” mindset that allows big business to do whatever they want with impunity…at the worst, they issue a fine to them for egregious felonious behavior.

I am only writing this because I am extremely concerned…and right now..we must agree that we have a serious problem that is dooming many Americans financially, physically, and psychologically. Before we fix something, we have to agree it is broken, and honestly,
things here in the USA …ARE BROKEN.

I give a shit about my brothers and sisters. It breaks my heart that they think they have cancer, but cannot afford to go to the doctor or get diagnostic work done, but if they did, have no insurance to afford treatment.

I am one Anon, one man…but I believe others agree with me, others give a shit, and others feel we must have real change…not just a slogan. We have to actually do something to fix this and do it damn quick.


A Global Community

I was thinking a lot about my involvement with Anonymous today. The longer I am an Anon, the better I understand that we are an evolving global community…a community that transcends racial, ethnic, political, divisions. It is often said we are United As One, Divided By Zero, and this saying does indeed express my feelings about the group of people called Anons.

But, I am convinced that for the average human, this movement toward forming a global community of likeminded peoples, who look beyond cultural, beyond political, beyond racial differences, to understand that we are more similar than different, is not only a good thing, but is now, quickly becoming necessary to our survival.

The gulf between the haves and have nots, the 99% and the 1% is not just a difference between incomes, not just a difference in lifestyles…but there is a relationship that is more parasitic than anything else. This is to say that the uber rich enjoy a parasitic relationship with the rest of us…in the same fashion as their toadies, the people in governments around the world, also are a parasite on the body of the 99%.

Some might start reading this and think I am talking about a movement toward communism. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Communism, as it has been practiced around the world, represents the State as king, a draconian horrorshow. I assert that governments in general, are the mechanism by which the so-called “ruling class”, take money from the people, by force if necessary, under the “color of law”, and redistribute it to the uber rich…often, in a circuitous route, but funneling it to the rich by any means possible.

Many of us know that the governments, using the one in the country I am living, the USA, are concerned that the frustration of the people to being used in this manner, may be increasing. The leaks of how we are being monitored, tracked, traced, and otherwise spied on, released by Edward Snowden, has served to heighten the awareness of people that we are seen, by the government, as “the enemy”. 

So, what has the government done to prepare for a possible time when a beleaguered population might actually rise up to overthrow the yoke of tyranny? Well, just look at what has happened to what they see as the “first line of defense”, i.e. local law enforcement. DHS , the “Department of Homeland Security”, the name itself being a Nazi like term, has given, yes, GIVEN war machines costing almost a million dollars a piece, called MRAPs (mine resistant armored personnel carriers) to small towns…towns which have no need for such equipment. DHS and ICE have purchased hundreds of millions of rounds of hollow point bullets.
When asked WHY…they say they are for target practice.

For anyone who knows guns, anyone who as purchased and fired hollow points, this is ludicrous. Its like buying a new Cadillac and claiming you want to enter a demolition derby with it. Hollow points are more expensive, and they have one, and only one purpose. They are anti-personnel weapons, meaning, they are DESIGNED to maximize damage to the internal organs of people…to put it bluntly, to tear up the insides of whomever you shoot, as much as possible.

The militarization of police is something that has become so obvious that many are concerned about it. In the past, we have had the so-called Posse Comitatus Act, which was designed to prohibit the use of the military in the USA, from being used to do law enforcement.
Read more about it here. Specifically, it was meant to keep federal military from being used to enforce state laws. It has been ruled that it does not apply to use of the National Guard.

But, if you can’t use the military to enforce state laws…the obvious, and devious way of circumventing this is to turn your local law enforcement, into MILITARY. Thus, the giving of tanks (in essence MRAPs are like tanks) to small town cops..but also, to gear them up as soldiers complete with helmets with face shields, body armor (and other tactical gear), and to encourage them to use military tactics, like using M-4s, M-16s, flashbang grenades, tear gas, rubber bullets, hollow points, while, at the same time, discouraging their proficiency with “less lethal” alternatives like grappling techniques, compliance holds, hand to hand training, or even learning the art of negotiation with people.

So, the first line of defense is militarizing cops, and promoting the notion that the population really are the “enemy”. They have even gone so far as to suggest that returning veterans may be their enemy and should be watched as they “may be terrorists”.

Now, let’s stop for a second and think about this. If you were a government official, and your ultimate plan was complete subjugation of the public, how would you do it ? Well, first of all, you would need to figure out who might be ringleaders in resisting your efforts. So, how would you do that? Well, you would try to come up with a plan to monitor everything that everyone says, all the time. That’s just what the NSA has become…a tattletale to the government of the world. Just look at the “Treasure Map” project of the NSA. It is no less than an effort to map the entire internet and every device that connects to it (and by extension, to monitor, in real time, everyone who connects to the web).

There are, right now, so many projects and operations to monitor, to spy on us, it is almost impossible to list them all. Prism, stellar wind are just a couple of many, many spying programs. Also, there is a system in place to monitor all vehicles vehicle a license plate monitoring system. It is called ALPR It basically can track your movements around the country. And, if this isn’t scary enough, the LAPD of Los Angeles, has asserted that every vehicle in Los Angeles is under investigation.

But, its not just your emails, your calls, your text messages, your car travel patterns that is being tracked and stored, your face is also a matter of interest because, after all, this is perhaps the most obvious personal marker we carry with us (not counting your DNA or fingerprints). Facial recognition software is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and someone made an interesting observation. How could a government promote people to make pictures of themselves available online?
Make it seem “cool” to do, and make it trendy…and call such photos “selfies”, i.e. you get the person to take the picture themselves and have them do the work of posting on their “Facebook” page.

And, understand this…although I have focused on the USA, similar actions are being undertaken by governments around the world…because, the ruling class wants to make sure that as their laws become more invasive, more draconian, they can spot the leaders of any rebellion, and isolate or destroy their reputation and credibility.

We know that there are periodic meetings of the very rich who pull the strings of governments around the world…formally and informally. The Bilderberg Group is one, but there is also the club that meets in the redwoods in California, the Bohemian Grove club .

George Carlin, i n his talk about the “American Dream”, explained this more elegantly, more eloquently than I can. I thus defer to his explanation as follows :

George was right about “The Big Club” and “Owners”…and we, the 99% are NOT in it. I think George, without actually calling them parasites, does indicate how the “owners” live off the work, the sweat of the actual man and woman who get up early and go to honest work every day.

The CEO of Walmart, literally makes more money sitting on his ass before lunch, than the associates who work in the stores, make in a whole YEAR…just think about that. In perhaps three or four hours, this guy sitting on his ass makes more than some poor man or woman working in a Walmart, makes working all year…with only one holiday off..Christmas.

Now, these elite rich, have a VERY vested interest in not only preserving the status quo, but making it even more profitable for themselves, and less profitable for us. 

Think about a concept that has arisen in a country that proudly proclaims it is a “free enterprise” country. That concept is “too big to fail” and of course its corollary, “too big to jail”. Translated , this means that big companies WILL be supported and not allowed to go under, no matter how badly they are managed, no matter how much money they lose, no matter how much they SHOULD fail. State support of large companies smacks of fascism, not “free enterprise”. The “too big to jail” means that no matter how crooked the executives of a company act, no matter what laws they break, they seem to be above the law, and even when it is proven in court they have laundered money for drug lords…they are given a fine…no large bank CEO is going to jail, now are they.

So, how does this all link in with the title, A Global Community?

I believe that a sea change in the way we think about ourselves needs to happen. Those of us who are caring, loving, honest, hard working people, need to see ourselves as part of a larger community, in fact, a larger family if you will, with people around the world. I have more in common with a poor person in Germany, than I have in common with head of JP Morgan Chase, Jamie Dimon.

Our goals, our needs, are similar to the simple people around the world…but they are NOT similar to the goals and designs of the uber rich, ruling class. In fact, insofar as their goals are to exploit us, to drain us of our work, our energy, our water, our very lives, the goals of the uber rich are at cross purposes with us.

I have had the opportunity, in fact, the honor, to speak with people around the world, around this country, in the past 25 years. What I have seen is that people, far from being better off in the so-called “developed countries” are getting worse off…worse off physically with rising rates of chronic diseases , worse off economically, and even worse off psychologically, since many of us are facing economic ruin, and the stress is becoming unbearable. We the People, is a powerful idea…but instead of being able to use our power to make our lives happier, better, we are seeing a trend toward an increasing exploitation of us.

Henry David Thoreau said  “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” But, I believe that song is being drowned out of us, such that the joy of life is strangled to death prematurely by a world that insists on giving you a number and taking away your name.

My dream is simple, and I think, all too reasonable. I dream of a world in which people are able to realize their potential, to have a decent, even good, quality of life. I dream of a world in which innocents are protected…animals, children, women, are protected from anyone who might abuse or hurt them. I dream of a world in which people would come to see wars as they really are, grandiose chess games by which humans are used as pawns by corrupt leaders who have designs on acquiring more land, more water, more oil, more gold, more more more for the ruling class, at the expense of the lives and health of the people.

As long as religion, language, race, culture, and other such differences are used to divide people, to keep them from uniting, the uber rich stay in power, stay fat and sassy, and keep the people under subjugation, and by incrementalism, take more and more of their freedoms and rights from them under color of law. But, when people begin to see that they ARE family with other poor people, when they see they have COMMON CAUSE with their fellow humans, and indeed, when they start seeing they have brothers and sisters under oppression by the government, by uber rich around the world, then things may change.

This has become crystal clear to me in the last month…family is a powerful concept. It implies a deep connection with another person, implies the need perhaps to sacrifice to help others..and for them to reciprocate that love, concern and sacrifice.

Many may say I am being Pollyannaish, far too simplistic, too optimistic, too unreasonable to the realities of the world. To them I would say that, perhaps, this is just the medicine the world needs. We know that whatever the hell they are doing now is not working well for us poor folks.

A change MUST come if the majority of people will see their lives get better.  Perhaps, Sam Cooke said it best in song.

All important movements start with one person saying “NO MORE”…the equivalent of the “emperor has no clothes” line. The longest journey starts with one step…and any real change, must start with people changing things, in small ways perhaps, but changing nonetheless. If we do NOT change, if we continue to allow the parasite of the uber rich to take, take, take from us…and pee on our legs and tell us it’s raining, perhaps, we will deserve the chains which will limit our movements. But, I don’t believe we deserve to be beaten down, exploited, miserable creatures. I believe our destiny as people is far more noble, far more self fulfilling, far happier than it is now, or will be years from now if we do nothing. Because, remember, that usually, the only thing that must happen for evil to triumph, is for good men and women to do nothing. Peace. `Anon99

The Death Sentence Called Poverty…

The Death Sentence Called Poverty…

I grew up poor in the 1950s. I was blessed to have parents who did without to provide me with the best childhood they could, but I was a smart kid and though they wanted to shield me from knowing I was poor, I knew we were poor, not middle class, not upwardly mobile, we were poor. That said, my parents were extremely honest, and prided themselves with not owing anyone, not being the target of collection calls, and thus, we lived within our meager means.

But, being poor in the 1950s was quite different in many ways than being poor in the 21st century. There was no internet, no iPhones, it was a simpler time, and what seperated the poor from more well to do was that the rich folks had better houses, better cars, better clothes, and didn’t have to scrimp and save on food and things.

But, we had our own home that my Father helped we had no rent to pay. Nowadays, with inflation, everything costs too much, from milk to gasoline to rent, to cable, to..well, everything.

The upshot of this is that, to pay these bills, one has to have a high income, and one that is constant. As I said, we had a home that we owned, modest though it was. Nowadays, the vast majority of Americans CANNOT afford the “American dream” of having their own home and white picket fence.

Its like a treadmill race where you have to run at a constant speed..and if you slow down, you are lost. In this economy, as rent goes up, insurance goes up, food prices and gas prices go up…it takes a lot of money, even for poor folks, just to maintain an apartment, a car, cable tv, internet, utilities, etc. Heaven forbid that you get your hours cut back, or even worse, that you lose your job.

With so many people out of work, almost every job has many, many people competing for the same job…even the so-called “crappy ones”.

So, what happens when the husband and/or wife lose their job(s)? They start frantincally sending out resumes, looking through classifieds, networking with people, but soon, they find that jobs, which once were fairly easy to get, now are almost impossible to get, and perusing through the classifieds, most require both specialized training AND years of experience. This is especially depressing if the reason you are out of work is that a downturn in your industry has left you unemployed, or the company you worked for went out of business. It takes time to retrain for a new occupation, and by the time you get retrained, the available jobs are already filled.

So, a father and mother, with kids, pets, suddenly are faced with the eventuality that their electricity will be turned off, the water will be turned off, and they will be evicted. These are not ne’er do wells, not lazy lay abouts, these are people who like to work, who are used to working, perhaps for decades.

As this situation gets grimmer and grimmer, husband and wife are stressed, they may start blaming each other, arguing, when the truth is that it is NOT their fault.

Instead of waking up, ready to greet the day and earn a few bucks, they awake to a living hell…a waking nightmare that just gets worse and more stressful every day.
It’s then that even the strongest of people, seeing no hope, no way out of their predicament, start thinking about suicide…literally the only escape from the ever increasingly scary outcome of not having money to pay anyone.

These are not bad people, not crooks…they are often the “salt of the earth”…the citizens that dutifully paid their taxes, obeyed laws, perhaps served in the armed forces.
And while we are at it, veterans are commiting suicide at a rate of about one every hour, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

These are not “weak” people. I assert that suicide, contemplating ending your own life, is one of the most frightening of decisions you could ever make…which says something about how frightening the outcome of becoming homeless is to people, that it is scarier than taking ones own life.

A country with a high suicide rate makes a strong statement about the health of that society, of that country. 40,000 Americans kill themselves every year. That’s a whle town full of people that just dies every year. When the Heavens Gate people commited ritual suicide, it made news worldwide, but that was just a few people…how about 40,000 people killing thenselves.

When you casually talk with people, most often they will not tell you how desperate they are, how bad off financially they are, much less, confess they are considering killing themselves. Now, we have the new re-scheduling of Vicodin, one of the most commonly prescribed medications for pain, that will be a “Schedule 2” drug on October 6, and thus, many doctors will quit prescribing it. Now, on top of the aforementioned pressures to push people toward suicide, imagine the person is in chronic pain, and has clinical depression..and now, they don’t have access to Vicodin (or Lortab, Norco, etc).

Opiates have a bit of a mood elevating effect, so without the mood elevation, without the pain killing, we are sure to see a certain portion of the 4 million people currently on opiates, that will decide that life has become torture and will end it all.

If the government would take some of the BILLIONS they waste on MRAPs they give to small town police departments, or MRAPs and Humvees they left in Iraq that ISIS took from the Iraqi army and now use against us, or had not built the USS GERALD FORD, one ship that alone costs 17.5 BILLION (with actual construction and R & D costs) or all the other money they force from us as taxes and give it back to the public, create a modern version of the WPA, a public works project, we could start doing things that need to be done here and repairing the infrastructure, like hardening the power grids against attack and EMP vulnerability. There are MANY jobs which could be created that are needed, if the government would re-allocate the monies they are giving the uber rich, and actually invest in average Americans.

Average Americans, when given some of their own money back, tend to put it back in the economy by paying bills, buying food, buying clothes, etc., and this benefits the economy.

Online and offline, I am seeing more and more people who are so desperate that the only solution to their situation, that is to say, the only situation they can see, is suicide.
And, this one fact, is a scathing indictment of our country, our government, our society,
our culture.

The culture, via mass media’s commercials, gives the impression that John Q. Public is doing great, and has so much disposable income, they are just begging for things to spend it on.

This makes people who are in financial crisis, believe they are alone, they are failures, and that they have lost the race…through an inferiority in themselves. This could not be farther from the truth…it is propaganda, and particularly noxious propaganda.

When you feel alone, feel like a loser, feel you’ve become irrelevant, are in chronic pain, it has a driving force to moving you to want to end the pain…physical pain, emotional pain, mental pain, psychological pain.

I must tell you, in all honesty..I’ve been there. I decided that I could not kill myself because I am, first and foremost, loyal, and I could not leave my wife to cope with doing everything by herself, could not leave my grown son and granddaughters with a hole in their hearts…nor leave my cats. That said, it removes my one way out..and forces me to fight day after day against what has seemed like overwhelming odds.

I only talk about this because I know there are so many others in the same situation. I want them to know they are not alone…that people do value them, do respect them, and do so regardless of how broke they are.

We have been so blessed that people are donating to us…and from my heart, I deeply thank each one of them. If I got just a dollar from each follower, we would be OK.

But, I am not so selfish to just think about me and mine. There really is a silent epidemic going on. The person you tweet to, you may think is doing fine, they may put on a great face, smile, joke, etc, but behind it all, they may be losing everything they have any day.

This “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” worship of the strong man or woman making it on his own, does not tolerate folks who fall through the cracks…and tries to make them feel ashamed, embarrassed to admit what they are going through.

This must change. The solution is going to take a concerted effort by the good people of this country, but also, since the government sucks us dry of our money, they MUST be part of the solution by giving some of the money back, by establishing possibly public works projects to employ folks, and have to be both proactive and aggressive in actually building a good economy..not just painting over rust and saying it is fine when it is rotting from inside.

This cannot just be a post that people read and say “He’s right..things are bad…something should be done”. We are past the talking stage. We must put pressure on the government, as much as we can, in non-ambiguous, clear language that the status quo has failed the majority of Americans.

I do not want ONE family to kill themselves because they have no money and will be thrown out on the streets. This weakens our country. Every person who falls down, makes us a weaker, a poorer, and yes, a less caring nation.

I am one man, but I see the problem, I KNOW there are things that CAN be done, that MUST be done…but we are at a critical stage. We must get started now. If you think I am overstating the case, guilty of hyberbole, then you have not really taken the time to become friends with a lot of people to the point they trust you enough to share with you how truly bad off their situation is.

If we work together…if we begin to really see each other as family…then we have a chance…if not, to put it simply, we are lost.


A Nation of Desperation …

Things MUST change. Since I’ve started talking about the desperate state me and my family have suddenly found ourselves, many of my friends have shared with us their stories. What we are finding is that they echo our own feelings in an uncanny manner. For many Americans, for many families, waking up daily is not a joyful, big breakfast, greeting the bright new day event…but, as many have put it…another day in hell…or as I’ve put it often, “Welcome to my waking nightmare”.

I knew others were having it hard, but didn’t know HOW hard. What has surprised me is that others are so desperate they too have considered ending their life…not just a fleeting thought, but fighting this hopeless act of desperation daily.

So, for a growing segment of the population, we are falling, some with terminal velocity, into an economic hole…a Neo-Depression. 

The problem is that the media has painted the picture that things are rosy…that, as in 2008, before Bush delivered his Henny Penny, the Sky is Falling, we have to Save the Banks speech, the picture being painted is that the economy is strong and getting stronger.

The net effect of this has been to make people who ARE falling down, think that they are alone…that somehow, they are the only people in dire straits, and thus, that THEY are failures. They are NOT failures…it is the System that has Failed THEM.

Our country is spending OUR money, money taken from us as taxes, like a drunken sailor. 300,000 dollars spent on a study of “how humans interact with bicycles” is spent, while people are looking at losing their homes. Their money was taken from them to spend on this. I wish that this were the only example of government waste of our money, but sadly, it is the mere tiniest tip, a pinpoint of a giant iceberg.

Just ONE SHIP, the USS Gerald Ford, costs taxpayers around 17.5 BILLION dollars (Cost: $12.8 billion + $4.7 billion R&D (estimated) ). Do you have any idea how many homeless, hungry Americans could have been helped with 17.5 THOUSAND MILLION ? 

More than half of our congress people are MILLIONAIRES.

The wealthiest member of Congress is Darrell Issa, a man who started out stealing cars, but now, is in a position to steal much more by virtue of his political office. He was worth 450 Million in 2013 ( ) and reportedly has used his powers to divert highways to move traffic closer to his businesses.

Now, I am old enough, and enough of a student of history to know that humans have been in desperate times in the past. In China, in ancient times, things got so bad people ate bark from trees, and even resorted to cannibalism. But, this was in times of excessively harsh conditions such as famines.  France, during the “Little Ice Age” also had its share of people who suffered greatly.

But, we are not in a time of famine…generally not in drought. We don’t see “breadlines”, but we do see people begging on the streets…I’ve seen whole families, mother, father, small child, and a baby, begging on street corners near where I live.

Back in the Depression, the poverty, the desperate times were in your face…you knew most people were having it hard..and, though that fact didn’t put one more piece of bread on the table or one more penny in your pocket, the fact that you were not alone, that you were not a singular failure, did give some relief in a weird way. Just knowing you are not alone in your plight, helps.

But, the media wants to paint the picture that we are all doing well…featuring pictures of new Cadillacs, new iPhones, big screen TVs as if we are all rolling in dough, just looking for something to spend all this extra money on. 

No, it is this feeling of isolation, this feeling that you have failed your family, that you are the only ones in a state of despair, that makes the pain even deeper, that drives people to seeing suicide as their only way out.

And, I talk about suicide because that is what I am hearing from many people. They don’t talk openly about it…because they are ashamed to..who wants to feel like they are uniquely a failure…but that is the result of this charade of affluence the media has created. These are not people who are just speaking about ending their lives as some distant thought , but instead, they are describing a daily battle in which, waking to what has become Hell instead of Life, they wage a daily struggle.. Will I End it Today or Tomorrow ? And, these are not adolescent kids who talk about suicide after breaking up with their sweetheart…these are seasoned adults who have lived for three, four, five decades..who have overcome obstacles in the past, been good citizens, worked hard all their lives. They know all too well about the finality of suicide.

I don’t know how many of you are shocked to hear this…perhaps none..but, perhaps many.  This is the Face of America today…it is a face marked with tears, but laden with a pound of theatrical pancake makeup to hide them from the public.

I’m not a Democrat, not a Republican, not a Libertarian…these labels have never applied to me really because I don’t support parties, I support people, and what I see are people who feel like, they literally have no hope. There is no light at the end of the tunnel…not even a train…just a black night of desperation.

People are losing their jobs, losing their homes daily. Obamacare, the “Affordable Care Act”…like most government names of programs, is a joke for many of us…because it is NOT affordable. When we looked at the plans available, we could not afford them…and upon talking with my neighbors, a couple in their twenties, they could not afford it either…and in fact, after speaking in the real world, I am finding many people who had to opt for the “penalty” which the government plans to impose on us who were too poor to afford their healthcare plans (written for the most part by insurance companies).

We live in the South, but speaking to many people online daily, this is not a Southern Plight…it is a NATIONAL plight. People in Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Oregon..all around the country, are telling me the same thing.

We live in a country that elects millionaires for president and vice-president. We live in a country that has a Congress where more than half of them are millionaires. Is it ANY wonder that the laws are written to benefit the uber rich ?

This country lost many men and women in Iraq, Afghanistan, Viet Nam, Korea in wars…but we are losing many more…those of us I call the “Walking Wounded” right here, right now, not in armed conflict, but living lives of quiet desperation. What do you do when you are out of money, facing utilities being shut off…facing eviction, facing children crying …or like many of us, are the caretakers of both elderly parents with dementia, AND dogs or cats.

You deserve a decent life. As Americans, we were raised with the idea that if you worked hard, got an education, kept your nose clean…you could achieve the American dream.  The average American CANNOT afford the American dream, cannot afford a home. and .

The net effect of this country catering to the rich, and in essence telling the poor to go fend for themselves…is just what we are seeing..the disappearance of a middle class, and the creation of a situation in which parents in a family are so squeezed by inflation that is running away from incomes, that they find themselves in a hopeless situation, a helpless situation.

The reality of what is going on is this. You look around at your friends, your acquaintances, and you THINK they are doing ok…but if you care enough and show concern enough to earn their respect, and they feel comfortable confiding in you, you find this is a facade overlying a state of fear…of desperation…of hopelessness.

Stores are already putting up Christmas trees and decorations next to the Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff…but, if you can’t pay your October rent, how are you even thinking about buying Christmas presents. This year, for many, is much worse than last year.

And yet, merchants, the Government, are fine with draining the last penny from you. Merchants have to figure a way to get you to give up your money…the Government can just use law and force to TAKE it.

I’ve never, in 61 years, seen it this bad. I’ve seen hard times..plenty of them. I grew up poor, my parents did without to see I could have presents at Christmas…and they tried to hide it from me…but sometimes, being a smart kid is a curse…you see the worry carving wrinkles prematurely in their brow.

And, through all this…I have seen great concern, caring, and yes Love, come from people who have nothing. It at once breaks my heart and engenders in me, rage…rage against a government, rage against the rich, who like parasites, are fine with take, take, taking, knowing that the host is dying as you grow bloated on their blood..their life’s blood.

If you look at the current situation with clear eyes, and are not frustrated, not angry at what is happening to our people…and by that, I am referring to the 99%, then you are not paying attention or cannot fully understand the logical outcome of the current situation.

You cannot fully understand what I am talking about unless you find yourself broke, without hope, and desperate. When you have plenty of money, a good job, health insurance, nice house and car, it insulates you…that’s not really an indictment of people with a good living..but it does insulate you from understanding what increasing millions of people are faced with…unless you are in the situation, you cannot truly understand the depth and width of the problem.

So, here I sit..thankful that for this hour,  I have a place to stay, have lights on, and water to flow from the tap, and yes, even a bit of canned food in the pantry..but this is now, this is today. The fear that creeps into your soul is that may be sitting in the dark, without power..because you had no money to pay your electrical bill.

And, here in Texas, Energy Future Holdings..owner of Luminant, the company which owns the power stations that create the power, essentially an energy monopoly in Texas…filed for bankruptcy in April 2014. How his happened, with the overpriced energy bills we have been paying, is a mystery to me…but there you have it.

Even big companies are filing for bankruptcy, reporting billions of dollars in losses for the third quarter, laying off people (layoffs are really, terminations for most workers) …so, if these rich people are having to close, file bankruptcy, fire people, “downsize”, if you are a small business person who find yourself drowning in a sea of red ink…don’t feel like you are a lonely failure.

I am one man…I try to be truthful…try to not fool myself or those I care about…but I am now realizing that my plight is not just “MY plight”…but is quickly becoming an epidemic of desperation. And, in a nation of desperation, desperate people do desperate things.

For those of us raised to be decent, honest people…breaking the law, stealing, not an option..but when you are out of options, ending this treadmill of torment becomes your ONLY option..and that is why, many in this country, fight suicide as their only solution daily.

It’s not a matter of telling people who are seriously facing such a choice to “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” any more than you would tell a blind man to “open your eyes and see”…or tell a paraplegic “Just get out of that chair and walk you lazy bastard”…. you cannot do more than you can do…no matter how much someone wants to shame you into action.

The only hope I have…quite literally…is the goodness of the American people. Most Americans give a damn…even though this culture has, for decades, pushed us to be consumers, be obsessed with getting our fifteen minutes of fame…be obsessed with our looks, our body weight, our cars, our clothes…in short…consume, consume, consume.

I have seen the goodness of people…goodness which surprised even me. They want to help others…in spite of all the conditioning which wants us to put ourselves first. We are afraid of being conned, taken advantage of… and me and my wife, more than most…know what its like to trust someone only to find they have ripped you off so badly that you can’t pay your own rent.

Despite the efforts of the media, of big business, they have not wiped out the spark of caring in the hearts of our people. If there is salvation for us as a nation, it will come in spite of the government, in spite of big business, in spite of big media’s propaganda.

I wish I could tell you how many times I’ve heard that ONE story about a cop using his own money to buy a homeless guy a pair of shoes in the winter. The fact that this is the only story that continues to be shuffled around to prove that there is generosity out there…is something to think about.

We will NOT achieve change by electing either Rich Tweedle Dum or Rich Tweedle Dee as POTUS and vice-POTUS. Most Congress people, the majority of which are millionaires, continue to be re-elected. Most top or mid-level administration people continue to be embedded in their jobs regardless of who becomes the nominal head of the country. 

We see in business, CEOs get shuffled around from company to company. The notion that you start out in the mail room and work your way up to CEO may have been the case in the dusty past somewhere, but if you follow the musical chairs of CEOs, you find that companies just grab a CEO from another company and insert him or her into THEIR CEO position…instead of promoting from within. I’ve followed this for long enough to see the trend. And, those CEOs may be making 500 or 1000 times as much as the average worker at their company.

The CEO of Walmart, sitting on his ass between the beginning of his day and lunch, makes much more than most associates do in a YEAR ! It is not unusual for a CEO to make 20,000 dollars an HOUR…for sitting at their desk surfing the Net.

I don’t have to belabor the plight between the haves and have nots…because you know that the gulf between the rich and poor widens daily. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, has been a saying for centuries…because it is true..and gets truer daily.

Change must come or we are doomed. And, by change, I don’t mean nickle and dimes, I mean fundamental, substantive real world movements toward making lives bearable for the growing number of people who are teetering on the brink of financial ruin.

When a nation has its people unable to buy medicine, or food, or pay for their rent or utilities, or buy gas to go to work (if they still have a job)…that nation is heading toward disaster.

Rome fell…not just from the barbarians at the gates, but also, fell from within. The French Revolution happened when the ruling class turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the hunger and desperation of the people.

But, we know OUR government is ready for civil disobedience. The MRAPs in the hands of small town cops…the M-4s, M-16s, flash bang grenades, LRAD sound weapons, rubber bullets, pepper spray, tear gas..these are the loving gifts they are ready to give us if we dissent.

Their plans of how to deal with us are there for us all to see. Just check out the plans they have conceived for dealing with us . As you can see, these contingencies have been in the planning stage for a long time.

We know that the government has been on a buying spree for quite some time, buying millions of rounds of hollow point bullets…allegedly for “target practice’…perhaps this is true if they are referring to dissidents as targets. Those of us who are familiar with guns KNOW the function of hollow point rounds…they do more damage to the internal organs than non-hollow point rounds…they are meant to kill people.

So, this is where we are…we are squeezed…but even the idea that the Founding Fathers promoted, that occasional rebellion is essential to liberty, will be frustrated by small town cops who are trained that killing civilians may be necessary…and toward that end, they are ready to suit up into battle gear at a moment’s notice. This “militarization of police” has been addressed in books, on TV, and even in congressional investigation..but still it continues, because they have to be ready to put down any insurrection of the population…of American citizens who have had enough of the crap.

I love my fellow citizens. That is not bullshit. I am beyond bullshit into the zone of Truth because, I can’t afford lies…Truth is my only currency now.

I have seen the tears in my wife’s eyes as we read what others are going through. Our hearts are broken by the desperation of others, and our own desperation.

Most of us who are in this condition, only keep going for our loved ones, for our pets, for our kids, because they depend on us…but we are out of solutions, out of hope, out of money, out of strength, out of time.

And, for those obsessed with defense, this is making our country weak…opening holes in our defenses. People who cannot afford medicine or a doctor when they are sick…cannot long be counted on to pay taxes when they have no money. We are heading toward a cliff as a nation..but the windows have been painted gold so that we cannot look out and see how close to the edge we are.

We must Unite…we must get real change…not just substitute one millionaire for another one and call that “change”.

My family is with you, my brothers and sisters. There has to be a solution…we must find it before it is too late.



What happened…

My business, as of October, would have been around for nine years. As with most people, in recent years, business had gotten slower relative to the past, and where at one time we employed five people…we were down to one…but, still surviving. As my Mom’s Alzheimer’s disease got worse, I would take her to the office…she had her own recliner there, and I could see about her, and still try to take care of the business…but then, she started being bowel & bladder incontinent, could not walk unassisted, and we had to have a nurse aide come in during the week to give her a bath and help her with overall hygiene. My drive to my office is about an hour, and thus, time I waited for the aide, got Mom dressed, and drove to the office, most of the day was shot.

My wife had to work full time at another business, and thus, we had to rely on our employee to watch things, do billing, answer phones, etc. Our error was in trusting her, and letting her have access to my and my wife’s signature stamp.

My wife would call me and tell me the business account was almost in the red, and I would have to rush to draw money out of our savings to keep the place afloat. We had a lot of accounts receivable, and supposedly, 
our employee was working on these and promised that we would be getting money from them…I didn’t realize it, but this was the carrot to keep us going beyond the point we would have stopped if not for a hope that things would be getting better. There were other lies, many that, in hindsight, were hard to believe. In short, she was claiming that there was perhaps $60,000 coming in, if we could just keep the business open long enough …two weeks perhaps we would be getting around 10 % of it.

My wife had to go out of town on business, and she started to question things. At this point, we had used up our savings, but felt if we could just hold out a couple of weeks longer, we would be getting at least enough to keep us going til more came in. When my wife had time to sit down and think, started checking the facts, talking with people that our employee had said she had talked to, suddenly, the charade she had been carrying on came tumbling down. There was no money coming in…we had trusted someone who was a liar, and now, we found we were so broke, we couldn’t even pay our rent at home, nor my Mom’s rent.

We couldn’t get a loan, and unfortunately, our relatives were broke too.

So, in desperation, I did the only thing I knew to do…and that was to ask for help from my friends.

In 61 years, I’ve never asked people for help. I paid back all my student loans, never took unemployment, so, it was very, very hard to admit that I and my wife had been taken.

The web of lies our employee built were built one piece at a time…she started writing checks to herself labeled as “petty cash”…and from what we have found so far, took thousands of dollars during the time she was employed. Furthermore, it seemed she was sabotaging the business by turning away business. We had rolled the phone to her so she could answer the phone while she was out on errands for the office, or after hours. In hindsight, this too was a mistake of gigantic proportions.

So, ours is a cautionary tale. As many of you know, I try to keep it real..even when reality is embarrassing, even when it is something I wish were otherwise. Trusting people to run your business, giving any employee too much authority when they are unsupervised, or not scrutinized constantly, is, apparently, a prescription for ruination.

So, as always, I’ve kept it real, warts and all.

And that is why I’ve had to ask for help..for myself, my wife, my Mom, and my cats. Right now, just trying to get back on our feet, and I am trying to get into a different line of work where I don’t have to have employees.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for listening, and caring.


WW II American Soldiers on left, Local Cops / Sheriffs in Ferguson MO on right. Looks like they need to be where they are dressed for…in Iraq, not threatening to kill American citizens.

WW II American Soldiers on left, Local Cops / Sheriffs in Ferguson MO on right. Looks like they need to be where they are dressed for…in Iraq, not threatening to kill American citizens.